Let's talk about facebook bullshit

What's the different between the pizza and the jew?

The pizza doesn't scream when you trow it in the oven.

Where are the paitriats ? last than 10 person black mailing 400 millian people.

How about we just kill that 10 persons.

Covid 19 created by the democrats to take all your righ's

And if you don't obay they can't kill you legaly but they can take your job Your food,your medical benefits etc.. you and your family have been selected to be dead

and the next omicron us here allreday and after the next and will not stop till you have a retarded president and his follovers

Here how to get rid of the high fewer bulshit. 1 cup of NYQUIL SEVERE COLD & FLUE the cup cames with the bottle, go to bed and you will take a bath in your own swet. When you wake up 1/2 of your fewer is gone. I say this because I done it. You should finish the whole bottle If you don't swet you need to give the NYQUL a boster 1 small bottle (50ml) vodka.